Collega + AVEDA Earth Month 2017 was a huge success!

Thank you!

Let’s give her more time for what matters.

839 million people are without clean water – roughly 11% of the world’s population. 2.4 billion people don’t have access to adequate sanitation facilities in remote communities. They need our help. With your support, we can change lives.

Corporate partnerships

WaterAid and Collega + AVEDA Canada have partnered together for more than 11 years. With more than $4.5 million raised over this time, we are one step closer to ending the world water crisis. Funds raised go toward clean water projects and sanitation education in Madagascar. This year, $507,880.68 was raised for clean water projects and sanitation education in Madagascar!

2017 Campaign Goal: $500,000


Earth Month 2017 – Success!

AVEDA Earth Month 2017 raised $507,880.68 and soon our goal of providing lasting change to over 20,000 lives in Madagascar will be achieved. From the staff, partners, volunteers, and most importantly recipients of clean water, THANK YOU!


“11 years of Aveda impact”

Let’s give her more time for what matters.

Water, sanitation and hygiene for everyone, everywhere by 2030. This future will become a reality. At WaterAid we’re determined to make it happen, and we are thrilled that AVEDA is determined too. We want to reach every community, every family, every single person with clean water to drink and somewhere safe to go to the toilet. We have the passion, expertise, experience and technology to reach a day where everyone, everywhere has access to clean water.

AVEDA has raised more than $4.5 million to help reach over 180,000 people with “taps and toilets”, and their engagement activities across the country have helped to keep this vital issue at the forefront of people’s minds.

On behalf of WaterAid Canada’s staff, Board, volunteers and community partners, congratulations to each and every AVEDA Earth Month participant for your hard work and dedication to this important cause! Your support of WaterAid’s vision of clean water, sanitation and hygiene for everyone, everywhere by 2030, is helping change the world. WaterAidis incredibly appreciative of AVEDA’s long-standing commitment to improving the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Become a Water Warrior

AVEDA’s 11th annual Walk for Water took place this past May and saw over 1,000 participating Walkers! The Walk for Water unites Water Warriors from 14 cities nationwide in a 6 km walk – this is the average distance women and children walk every day in rural, developing cities worldwide to collect water. Learn more >

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Appointments for Clean Water

Want to make a difference and look good doing it? Appointments for Clean Water is an in-salon event every May in which various salon services are offered in exchange for Earth Month donations. Stay tuned for the May 2018 Appointments for Clean Water date!

AVEDA + WaterAid

Aveda Staff

Millions of dollars raised

AVEDA has raised over $4.5 million through Earth Month.


Thousands of Lives Saved

AVEDA has helped save over 180,000 lives with clean water, sanitation and hygiene education.

Walk for Water

Each year, AVEDA staff take to the streets in huge numbers, with over 1,000 participants in 14 cities across Canada. See all of the photos from the 2017 Walk for Water >