Kilimanjaro Climb for Life 2018

Ever stood on the top floor of a skyscraper and thought, “Bah, this ain’t so tall”?

Then you might just be Kilimanjaro material.

Join WaterAid as we walk in the footsteps of famed explorers and mountaineers on our way to the top of Africa’s tallest peak – towering at 5,895 metres above sea level. Hike through lush rainforests and alpine deserts. Cross glaciers by day and sleep closer to the stars than you ever dreamed possible by night.

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In Support of Clean Water Projects

Following a successful summit, Kilimanjaro Climb for Life team members can visit WaterAid project sites in Tanzania, where 23 million people lack access to clean water. Women in Tanzania typically spend more than two hours a day collecting water, and up to seven hours in remote areas. Participants will get the opportunity to see how their fundraising is changing lives.

Campaign Goal: $100,000


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Meet the Team

Adam van Koeverden
Adam van KoeverdenToronto, Canada
My name is Adam van Koeverden. I’ve had a long, fulfilling relationship with water. Not only is it my favourite drink, but as an Olympic paddler, water is a fundamental part of my life.

Recently, I visited Madagascar with WaterAid and I learned something new about water, I learned what it is like for the 650 million people around the world who don’t have access to safe water to drink. While in Madagascar, I went on a water trek with one woman. I knew that while there was no way I could ever truly understand her hardship, I thought that being part of her ritual would give me a better appreciation of what she goes through every day. As I walked with her, I couldn’t believe how hard it was! I learned, first hand, what it is like to waste precious time walking long distances to collect dirty water.

But, I also know teamwork. And I know that if we all work together we can transform lives with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. How better to show how important I believe this to be than by joining the team who will tackle WaterAid’s Kilimanjaro Climb for Life in support of clean water projects around the world.

Nicole Hurtubise
Nicole HurtubiseOttawa, Canada
I have had the privilege of living and working in Africa, Central Asia, Central America and Canada as an international development professional. As a woman and CEO of WaterAid Canada I am deeply passionate about gender equality and women’s empowerment.

For many of us, it is impossible to imagine what it is like to live without clean water and decent toilets. Being able to drink a glass of clean water or to run to the bathroom are every day conveniences —ones most of us take for granted. I have been fortunate to see for myself how investing in the basic infrastructure of taps and toilets raises the status and living conditions of women and girls and how they have a positive ripple effect on the whole community. It opens the door to education, nutrition, healthy and a better livelihood so that people can focus on reaching their potential.

I believe that together we can make a bigger difference. That’s why I’m delighted to participate in the Kilimanjaro Climb for Life. We can and will change normal for everyone, everywhere within a generation.

Razina Visram
Razina VisramCalgary, Canada
Razina is a Senior Organizational Change Management Professional with more than 20 years of Management Consulting experience attained in senior leadership roles at EDS, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, IBM and, since 2003, as the Founder and Principal of Cocentric Solutions, a Calgary, Alberta based senior management consulting company. Razina is a certified executive coach who currently coaches and manages effective change at all levels, from executives to end users. Her change management expertise has successfully impacted stakeholders in small and large groups ranging from 10 to as many as 90,000 on a single project initiative. She also leads Change Management training, workshops and seminars globally and is regularly scheduled for speaking engagements.

Razina has always wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and is excited to do this now and with WaterAid! Making a difference in the lives of those that need clean water energizes her. She feels fortunate that being Canadian gives us all our basic needs and more. Clean water is survival for others.

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David Wentzell
David WentzellMilton, Canada
I retired in June 2016 after a 35-year career as a tax and pensions lawyer. Hiking, cycling, cooking, photography and volunteering with church, Scouts Canada and the local performing arts centre fill my days. My wife is happy that I have found companions for my Kilimanjaro adventure because she doesn’t like camping!

I am excited about this opportunity to combine my love of adventurous travel with raising funds for a worthy cause. Clean water and basic sanitation are essential for both good health and economic advancement. I am trekking Kilimanjaro to raise awareness of the significant need and money to provide accessible water to some of the world’s poorest people.

Taylor Hudema
Taylor HudemaRegina, Canada
I am a young professional, spending my time working in the beauty and wellness industries. I come from a small town and a family who has taught me to lead with compassion and generosity. Following my heart, I strive to create new things and to do something that scares me every day. What is life if it is not filled with risks and challenges? My motivation for joining the Kilimanjaro Climb is easy: I want to make a bigger impact on people’s quality of life. With the world where it is, we all need to focus more on environmental and humanitarian issues during our day to day life.
Paul Bush & Susan Martin
Paul Bush & Susan MartinOttawa, Canada
We both have a love of sports and music. Paul trained as a teacher but worked for 40 years in the international satellite and telecommunications field. Sue worked in health and fitness for many years. We have 3 children (Kate -31, Patrick -29 and Aly -27) and have been married and travelling partners for 35 years. While we have been around the world for work and pleasure this is our first trip to Africa.

WaterAid is a charity that we have supported for many years. The premise is simple – clean water and sanitation for all but the impact on a person, a family, a region can be profound.

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Carley Ward
Carley WardSwansea, Wales
I am an English girl living in Wales with 3 fur babies, Martha, Mitzy and Rosyton the dog. When I am not working you will either find me in the gym, getting my sweat on or with a glass of wine in hand! Life is all about balance right? I think it goes without saying that the charity aspect of the expedition is one of the main motivators for wanting to take part. Unfortunately we live in a world with such inequality that we have to make the most of opportunities like this to bring ordinary people together to make a real difference. On a personal level I want to take part as I want to push myself physically like I have never done before.
Salma Windle
Salma WindleSingapore, Republic of Singapore
I am a 34-year-old British woman living in Singapore with my husband and 2-year-old daughter. I am a proud feminist and liberal minded individual. I love football, F1, reading and hiking. I wish for a conflict free world full of equal opportunities.

We live in a world of great inequality and I strongly believe we should all strive for a fairer society and healthy economy for all; so this opportunity to work with WaterAid is a chance to give something back to the community. Everyone should have access to clean water, food, education and healthcare.

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About WaterAid Canada’s Bucket List Adventures

WaterAid Canada’s Bucket List Adventures is a five-year series (2015-2019) of epic global excursions that will take small groups of WaterAid supporters by foot, pedal and paddle to some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations. WaterAid’s Bucket List Adventures aim to raise $1,000,000 to support clean water projects around the world.

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