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of the stuff that
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By working together, we can reach
everyone, everywhere with safe water
and toilets by 2030 – one family, one
village, one country at a time.

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So far, we've
made real progress

Can you imagine the day when everyone, everywhere has access to safe water and a decent toilet?

At the current rate of progress, we’re not far off.

Every year, 78 million people are turning on a tap or using a pump for the first time. If we can reach just 8% more people a year, together we’ll achieve our ambitious goal.

This is thanks to people like you – people made of empathy, compassion and generosity – the stuff that makes history!

Are you made of the stuff that makes progress happen?

Your support will help transform lives.

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We want to begin 2017 celebrating all that we have in common.

The fact that we're all...

Made of the same stuff.

That's right. We're all made of approximately 60% water. It unites us biologically and physically. Just to survive our bodies need around 2.4 litres of water every day.

What makes up the chemistry of you?

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Together, we're made of the stuff that makes history.

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