From the moment she is born, throughout her early years when she goes to school, and as she moves into adulthood, striving to provide for her own family — water is critical at every stage of a woman’s life.

With access to safe water and toilets, we can help unleash her potential.

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A lack of safe water, proper toilets and good hygiene affects women and girls most.

Imagine delivering a baby in a health facility without water, or sending your 11-year-old daughter out before dawn to climb treacherous hillside paths with a heavy jerry can to fetch dirty water before she can go to school.

Around the world, women and girls collectively spend as much as 200 million hours every day collecting water—the equivalent of more than 22,800 years.

This is time spent missing playtime, missing school, missing building a livelihood and the opportunity to contribute as an empowered citizen.

With access to water, girls can be freed of the tedious, and often dangerous, burden of travelling long distances to fetch water. With access to water and toilets, girls can go to school and focus on reaching their potential. With access to water and toilets, women can build a livelihood and earn money, lifting themselves, and their families, out of poverty.

Safe water means
a healthy beginning.
It means an education.
It means a future.

Let's empower women & girls

Do you want to live in a world where girls are free from the burden of walking for water?

A world where they and their families have the dignity of somewhere safe and private to go the toilet?

So do we.

That's why we need your support to make sure everyone, everywhere has water and toilets by 2030. Together we can help the world’s women and children have a better chance at a healthier, safer and productive life.

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Safe water and toilets transform women's lives.

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