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Gifts of Water

Select the perfect gifts for your colleagues, friends or family members in celebration of the holidays! Giving a Gift of Water in lieu of material gifts demonstrates you support for the fight against global poverty and leaves a lasting legacy of health and development.

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kunanana with new born baby

Clean water for baby

In remote Konso, Ethiopia, Kunana washes her new born baby in a shallow bath of clean water, 3 weeks after giving birth to him safely in her own home. Many mothers aren't as lucky.

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Hilda with her son, Mozambique

One child is too many

Losing a child ought never to be a common place occurrence. But, shamefully it is. Far too many mothers throughout the developing world endure the pain of watching their children fall ill and die. Hilda knows the pain far too well.

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Margaret Trudeau, WaterAid Canada's Honorary President